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05-10-13, 10:56
We have the same issue in Maryland: MSP is so backlogged the wait is upwards of 70 days. I am on my 7th week, waiting for my firearm.

Now Illinois:

CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois State Police say they’re trying to deal with a huge backlog of applications for Firearms Owner Identification cards.

The agency received more than 28,000 applications for cards during April alone.

That’s on top of an existing backlog of nearly 76,000 applications. The state police say they are dealing with a record number of applications.


05-29-13, 13:31
Illinois is insane. I think January was a record, February was a record, March was a record and April was a record for Firearm Owner Identification Card applications. By law the Illinois State Police are supposed to have the ID cards back before 60 days, or could be 30 days. I know many people, even a FFL, who have had to wait well over 90 days, and some of these are renewals. However my wife who just applied for her FOID, got hers within 30 days and my brother who applied a day or two later has been waiting nearly 2 months.

It might have to do with four factors, 1) 500+ homicides in Chicago alone in 2012. 2) Police (including Chicago) announced cuts in 2013. 3) We're about to finally get carry concealed in Illinois. 4) The Illinois State Police made budget cuts to the foid system, and are pumping millions of dollars into private computer firms to do God knows what with the FOID system.

05-29-13, 15:36
I think alot of IL residents are waking up. Also understanding why they are so important.

I've waken a few people up so far this year.

That and upcoming concealed carry bills and the firearms/ammo scramble made a "perfect storm".

05-29-13, 16:14
I went from a 15 minute wait to a 2+ weeks wait here in Jersey.

05-29-13, 16:46
Here in MD 3/27 purchase and still haven't received clearance from MSP.

05-29-13, 18:48
I bought a new S&W Bodyguard on Monday. I needed a deep concealment backup gun.

It took about 15 minutes.

I weep for some of you...