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05-20-13, 17:43
Carbine, Shotgun, & Pistol Training Courses - Brainerd Area

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to have a great offering of training this year with multi-day courses in carbine, shotgun and pistol. We are also bringing back some training friends, top tier national trainers Louis Awerbuck ad Jeff Gonzales.

Here is our primary class training announcements for 2013, all classes are in the Brainerd Area. For more information please visit our webpage, linked below.
Instinctive Practical Carbine - Level 1 by Timm Training, 2 Days, June 29-30 Early Registration Price $200
Mike and I are very excited about this course, this early registration price is cheap. This isn't to lessen the value of training but as many of you know this is our first 2 day carbine course. What we will ask of you is some honest feedback and help with word of mouth promotion, as time goes on this price will go up. This is a comprehensive 16 hour course that is designed to establish a strong, efficient fundamental skill set when using a carbine. Whether for Law Enforcement, Personal Defense, Competition, or Target Shooting the foundation of effective accuracy is a solid understanding and delivery of the core fundamentals. The course will cover safe and proper carbine handling, ballistics, gear/carbine maintenance and prep, fundamentals of marksmanship, carbine manipulation and more.

Tactical Shotgun 1 with Louis Awerbuck, August 3-4 $540
Louie is back and is bringing some shotgun skills with him. For those that have trained with Louie before you know what a great experience it is. As with the Stage I Handgun, this course is designed to create reflexive gunhandling, competent marksmanship and tactical thinking. In addition it places strong emphasis on learning what the shotgun will, and most particularly WILL NOT, do. The importance of patterning the shotgun properly is discussed at length. The course also covers ammunition selection, loading and unloading, reloading and ammunition selection while involved in a shooting scenario, shooting from several ready positions and various tactical body positions, dim-light and flashlight shooting (dependent on time of sundown and range restrictions), shooting on the move, moving targets, multiple targets and weapon retention.

Combative Pistol 2 with Jeff Gonzales, August 23-25, $625, plus local range fee
Jeff of Trident Concepts is also back to train with us this year, except this time we are offering a handgun course with Jeff.
The Combative Pistol, Level Two (CP2) is an intermediate 3-day course focused on hammering out the rough edges to the modern gunfighter. It will instruct the pistol’s core fighting skills by using full range sessions and high repetitions to continue forging correct technique. The course will progress to more challenging drills that will increase the student’s shooting speed and combat marksmanship. Graded evolutions throughout the course provide instant feedback to the student on skill development, technique deficiencies and overall ability. The linear progressive training exercises refines the combative fundamentals in order to progress to more advanced courses.

For more information, and to register, please don't hesitate to contact us or visit our webpage. Fast links to the above courses is available on the main page on the announcement tab on the right.

Thanks everyone and we look forward to training with you!

Dave and Mike
Timm Training and Consulting

06-06-13, 08:47
Just an update on the carbine course. We have 5 slots remaining. The price will be going up to $300, so if you are thinking of attending the class you might want to do so soon. If you have any questions feel free to message me here or email me at mike@timmtraining.com.



07-12-13, 22:58
Just an update on the shotgun and pistol courses. We still have slots available for both.

For more info and registration for the shotgun course go to www.timmtraining.com

For the pistol course go to www.tridentconcepts.com

12-25-14, 21:52
Hello everyone,

Dave and I are hosting Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives for a 2 day pistol course in July 2015 on the 14th and 15th. For more info on the class please visit http://patroltactical.com/training/spaulding.html. Here you will find all the needed info for any questions. Thanks.