View Full Version : Anyone else here staying on top of the Illinois Carry Concealed debates?

05-29-13, 13:35
I guess the title says it all... Anyone else here staying on top of the Illinois Carry Concealed debates?

I've been watching the debates over the last few months and haven't wasted so much time on something so frustrating in my entire life. Anyone else?

Yesterday SB2193 which passed in the house and was sent back to the senate was blocked in executive committee, while HB183 which was amended in the senate was voted in committee to proceed to the senate floor for vote. We're involved with two bad bills, by two anti gunners (Madigan and Cullerton), who are playing politcs and having a pissing contest to see who has the largest (member). The NRA has effectively been neutered in the matter as Speaker Madigan worked hard to block the necessary votes for passage of the NRA sponsored bill. If you didn't know Mike Madigan runs Illinois.

05-29-13, 15:41
I tried to watch the debates when the bills were introduced to the house. Some of the stupid things the Chicago dems were concerned about would just make my blood boil. Just idiotic and irrational fears.

It's hard to compromise with people who won't budge. They don't want concealed carry in their city. So they decide they want to make the rest of IL pay for it.

06-24-13, 15:11
Thought I'd bump this old thread, not sure if there is a more recent one. Wondering where we stand right now with regard to madigan's possible appeal to the supreme court. I've read Quinn wants the appeal, lawmakers want a signature or a veto, Lisa doesn't want to help Quinn nor hurt her chances for the govs mansion. Makes for a real soap opera of events. I have no idea how to call this one. We could see about anything, as I'm sure our officials in Chicago have more moves than a French whore with which to delay, prevent, and burden our possible law. I believe the gov has 60 days to sign or veto before the law takes effect pending possible appeal?