View Full Version : Maine Ammunition / Reloading Components Thread

06-13-13, 20:15
Anyone in Maine interested in posting available sources of ammo and reloading supplies that you come across?

I can start with a few recent observations:

Maine Military just outside Brewer posted on their FB page that their ammo prices are coming down and new shipments are arriving in a few weeks. I always try to stop by when in the area. Their primer/powder prices aren't great but they are fair and lower than any other shops in the area. They haven't had much in the way of pistol powder or powder that would work in a .223 lately though.

Willey's Sport Shop in Ellsworth had a good supply of W231 on hand a few weeks ago as well as large pistol primers. At around 40 bucks a pop for each they don't come cheap there.

06-14-13, 07:33
Stopped in a Cabelas the other Friday night and they had a few thousand 5.56 for $9.99/20. Had 10 or so 250 packs of 115gr Berrys 9mm bullets. Primers were overpriced, like $5.99 per 100 for CCI small pistol. No usefull powder and still no .22