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06-19-13, 17:48
Haven't been yet myself but I will be going when I get home. I just wanted to get this out there to more people who are interested in this kind of thing. They have a forum where they post the date and time of the next match. They also have a facebook page. And finally multiple videos on youtube where you can view some past matches. Looks pretty interesting. I like that you can 'run what you brung'. I am not affiliated in any way, just want to see more people in the North Dallas area at some matches that anyone can go to without having to buy special equipment or can only use certain firearms due to class limitations.

Forum: http://texascombatshooters.com/
TGT Post: http://www.texasguntalk.com/forums/training-competition/45567-texas-combat-shooters.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Texas-Combat-Shooters/162954420434301?fref=ts

06-20-13, 14:13
I plan to attend some of these in the near future as well as my new employer. I will post dates I plan to attend if any others would like to meet up.

06-24-13, 10:34
I've been to about 3 of these matches (although it has been about 6+ months since I've been to one). One rifle, one pistol and one combo rifle/pistol. Matches were pretty fun and well run. One of the SOs is the guy who runs Kytex (http://www.kytexgear.com/), in case you want to put a face with a name (and assuming you're familiar with his work). The main thing I don't like about TX Combat is the fact that you have to pay for a membership when you go to your second match with them (unless something has changed). During the past year, I've probably done matches with ~4 Dallas area shooting clubs, so I don't just shoot with one club, making it uneconomical to get a membership with every club I shoot with. I'd rather just pay an extra dollar or two for the match fee (which is the way some clubs do it).

EDIT: You should also expect to see quite a few Serpa holsters at these matches.

06-24-13, 15:44
Hmm, good info thanks. Didn't know about the fee. I will ask about that.