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06-20-13, 19:17
I am finally getting around to submitting my application for my pistol permit in Dutchess county NY.

I have the 6 pages from the county application with the instructions, the questionnaire and the 4 reference pages. I also have the 3 NYS application pages. and then I have the photocopies of my license, ss card and birth certificate, as well as the $20 money order.

the instructions say to mail in 9 pages including the money order, now does that mean the 6 pages of the county app and the 3 NYS apps? or is it the 6 pages of the county app and the photocopies of my IDs or do I send it all in?

I've tried calling the sheriff's office but no one ever answers or returns my calls. I've tried looking online for an answer to this but haven't really found anything so any help would be appreciated at this point. I don't want to **** it up and wait months on end to have it denied because I didn't send the right paperwork in. thanks.

06-20-13, 19:23
Go right to the sheriffs srstion and ask someone. Why take a chance. I'm surprised you csn msil it in. Here in Rockland we drop it off at the county clerks office once we are finger printed.

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06-20-13, 19:31
I might have to, next time I am in Poughkeepsie, I've tried going to my local one in amenia but it's more of a post then a station and no one is ever there.

06-21-13, 19:45
How often did you call? I beleive they only have one deputy working in the pistol permit division so if he's on vacation or off for a few days that could be why you weren't able to get through to anyone. I think it's a Monday through Friday day shift assignment as well.

06-21-13, 20:05
I tried calling again today and finally got through to someone. but I have been calling like twice a week for the past month or so to no avail.

ty for your guys time, they answered my questions.

06-21-13, 21:17
Glad you got through. I've been suprised to see how many people are on here from the Hudson Valley area.

06-21-13, 21:52
I just got my Ulster one here is the advice I can give you:

1. Go straight to the horses mouth, shake hands with the woman/man at the desk and get to know her on a first name basis. Ask her your questions.

2. Hand deliver your permit for processing and consideration personally to the person listed in suggestion 1.

3. Ask the person face to face what the next step will be after handing in your application.

4. Get ALL of your references, and your notary together at the same time, in the same place to fill out your reference information. Have the all do it together, notarize it, and be done with it. Buy them all a beer (or a soda if you're not drinkers), and hang out and have a good time. This saved me hours when it was suggested to me, and it is the only way to guarantee that this part of the process gets done effectively.

06-22-13, 08:02
yea, I got my paperwork all finished, all of my references were co workers and we have about 10 different notaries on site so I handed them out and got them back within an hour.

I have the NRA basic home firearms safety course tomorrow, so I plan on handing in the certificate with my pistol application in person when I get it. when I called the dcso they told me that they were just starting to schedule fingerprint appointments for april 2014- :shout: hopefully I can sweet talk whoever is at the desk into getting me an earlier appointment.