View Full Version : Congrats on the New Season!

07-03-13, 11:57
Loved the first episode...wow...the minigun is amazing.

How loud are those things, they always sound kind of, well, quiet, but is it just that the recording equipment can't keep up?

Congrats on the start of Season Three!

07-03-13, 13:00
Great episode.

07-04-13, 16:45
The full minute long firing session with the minigun was amazing.

07-04-13, 17:39
I'm diggin the new intro LAV. Good start to a new season.

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Larry Vickers
07-04-13, 17:58
Thanks alot for the kind words !!!

I appreciate it !!

07-04-13, 18:56
when is the website going to be updated?

07-07-13, 01:34
when is the website going to be updated?

They tend to be up on the website a week after they air on tv. That's not a standard by any means but that seams to be how it is.

Larry Vickers
07-07-13, 08:14
We have an agreement with Sportsman Channel that they get it first - the TV only shorter version - then the longer online version goes up after that

07-31-13, 17:02
The noise level from the M134 is consistently between 150-155 dB. So don't forget your hearing protection - my ear is still ringing from a mishap in February.

In the video, it sounds like the recording equipment knocks this down quite a bit.