View Full Version : Illinois State Police release a FAQ on Carry Concealed in Illinois

07-09-13, 12:27
The Illinois State Police added a page to their website outlining the carryc oncealed law in a FAQ form at: http://www.isp.state.il.us/firearms/ccw/ccw-faq.cfm

For what it's worth my FAQ is here and includes my layman's interpretation, the ISP, as well as ISRA interpretation: http://chicagogunsmith.com/blog/illinois-carry-concealed-law/137/

I find it entertaining that the ISP released thei FAQ before the bill has been officially become law. Total disregard for the Governors amendments LOL

Ned Christiansen
07-09-13, 15:30
One comment about the two thousand-plus IL cops I have met and dealt with in the last ten years-- many rank and file, but also a good many in higher positions on up to suburban chiefs and even big-city upper management, as well as Chicago-based federal agency guys.

They are in favor of Joe Citizen owning guns and having the option of carrying one. U-friggin'-nanimously.

Who knows better than they, that they can't tag along on every outing with every citizen, as a personal protection detail? Plus, these guys realize that when they retire, other than 218, their status becomes..... more plebian. In other words, these are guys that do not put themselves above the rest of us.

Guess what I'm saying is, take heart..... looks like this is gonna happen.

07-09-13, 16:01
A friend just sent me a message that it finally passed. :D

09-01-13, 11:36
ISP is accepting applications for trainers. I submitted my app on Friday.

Suwannee Tim
09-01-13, 14:33
Congratulations to you guys. Congratulations.

09-02-13, 13:59
Congratulations to you guys. Congratulations.