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07-12-13, 02:25
Do rim fire mags have to be 10 rounds in California? Can Californians get 10+ mags legally in ca, guns for question are 22 caliber ars, ruger 10/22s, and best 22 ever made marlin 795(not kidding)

07-12-13, 06:39
Not anymore. You would have had to have owned your +10 rd mags before 1-1-2000 to be grandfathered in. You can buy them as "repair kits" which are disassembled to rebuild your preban std capacity mags, but technically you can't assemble them in the state. Where the logic in all this comes from beats me, but thats the law.

07-20-13, 04:55
Although after you've repaired your pre 2000 mags they look a lot like new pmags. Other than pre 2000 owned mags, you have to permanently assemble any standard capacity mag repair kits into 10 rd mags. Permanently, as in not reversible back to a standard capacity mag.

07-20-13, 08:04
Permanently, as in not reversible back to a standard capacity mag.

living in colorado, this is now of interest. our law now bans "...readily convertible..."

in california, what is considered "permanent"? i.e., would a tube of JB weld do it?

what about mod'ing polymer vs Al/steel mags?

i'd like to convert a few of my mags to 15rds so i'm safe(er) from any unscrupulous cops.

07-20-13, 08:10
There are restrictor blocks that can be purchased which shorten the internal capacity of your mag. After the block is installed, the baseplate is to be glued on or welded. Another option is to run a rivet on the side of the mag at a specific height which only allows so much travel of the follower.