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07-16-13, 20:13
I really enjoyed the Submachine Gun episode and it was a real eye opener. Most every other discussions I've seen about the Thompson are gushing and complimentary, I appreciated the reality check. I was not aware the Grease Gun was as accurate as it was.

The Kriss was crazy...I'd be afraid of shooting my hand, so close the muzzle is to the foregrip.

I've seriously considered getting a Kriss SBR, for the very reasons you guys discussed, but I was just kind of guessing at it, great to have professional confirmation.


Paul McCain
Ballwin, Missouri

07-17-13, 09:27
I really enjoyed this episode, especially the coverage of the M3.

I did find myself wondering, basically during every Kriss segment, why there wasn't a comparison to the UMP. I realize you've featured them before, but the segment seemed to beg for some more contemporary comparison.

Keep up the great work!

07-17-13, 09:29
Agreed. Excellent episode.

07-17-13, 13:01
I had a chance to put several magazines through a HK MP5 and ... wow ... awesome.

I'm glad I don't own a SMG, I'd go broke buying ammo for it.

Larry Vickers
07-17-13, 20:30
Thanx for the kind words - the focus was on US .45 ACP SMG's and the Kriss is the really the first one of note since WW II; hence the comparison with the Thompson and the Grease Gun