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07-22-13, 20:29
Hey Guys,

My father and I were talking over the weekend and he is a bit confused about the AWB in Connecticut. Him and my mother are relatively new to the state, and he just retired. He has his pistol permit but no assault rifles.

We were talking that the state run range he shoots his rifles at he consistently sees AR's being shot after the ban was passed, and with standard capacity magazines. I mentioned there was probably a grace period for registration like NY (where I live), and he said he did some reading and didn't see anything about a deadline. He checked for his pistol because I guess in CT you have to register mags too?

Anyway the CT ban seems to be getting little press and he knows nothing about how it is moving forward.

Can anyone fill us in? It is pretty easy to find info on NYSAFE and all of the back peddling Cuomo is doing, but CT seems to not be getting the press, and he is confused about why it seems he is seeing big scary black rifles at a range while just a few miles down the road the Governor is claiming some great 'victory'.

Anyway have any knowledge?

07-22-13, 21:48
If noone responds, PM 30calslut. He'll know the in's and the out's of the law.

08-14-13, 11:23
Did you ever find out any info?

08-22-13, 12:18
Yes - PM 30 cal slut.

Throw into google 'State troopers CT', and you will get a link to DESPP and there you will find the link to the Assault Weapons Public Act.

Check the verbiage of the law. If you don't speak lawyer, read the FAQ right below that heading. Remember, call the state troopers special liscencing and firearms unit!!! They will answer questions pertaining to the law. Don't be afraid to do so. They don't bite. They may even be nice to you.

Some quick info:
If you own or bought a listed Assault Weapon on or before April 4, 2013, you can keep it and use it . I recommend making numerous copies of your receipts that show purchase date for the lower reciever (or weapon ID number) and carry one or two of these receipts with

High Cap mags need to be registered by Jan 4, 2014 with the state. You can still own them and use them, but you can only keep them full at home and at the range. While traveling you have to have only 10 rounds in the magazine(s) only. This applies to rifles and pistols.
And no, you cannot buy anymore high cap mags in CT or banned assault rifles matching the listed ones in the law.

Ammo you can buy without showing a pistol permit or certificate until October 1st, 2013, after that all in store purchases or Internet purchases need to show that you can legally buy ammo (no amount limit as far as I know).

Again, double check with the troopers on what I said above. There may be caviats or changes I may not be aware of, and most importantly: NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER TRUST THE BANTER ON RANGES AND GUN SHOPS ABOUT LEGALESE OR REGULATIONS - YOU WILL FIND HEAT IF YOU TAKE THE GOBBLEDYGOOK THAT THEY TRASH INTO YOUR EARS!!! Go to the source and know your shit if lawmen do a surprise check at whatever range you may be at in the future.

08-22-13, 16:51
There is some good info here too. http://ccdl.us/

Links to all the lawsuits that are filed. They are one of the organizations that are filing a suit. They hold rallies at the capitol a couple times per year and are very active in supporting our 2A rights in Ct.

also membership if free only take a couples of mins to sign up.