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07-30-13, 22:48
Back in June, I unknowingly purchased a fake Raddlock from Arms Unlimited to Kalifornicate a 9mm carbine that I brought with me to CA to shoot while I am here working for a few weeks. It fit poorly and failed immediately, so I contacted Raddlock and they told me that Arms Unlimited had sold me a cheaply made (they charged full list price) fake.

I spoke to Peter, one of the owners of Raddlock, and he asked me to post this here for him. They are genuinely nice people in a small business who have a good idea and now face a mountain of garbage due to this. If you have also purchased a fake from one of these companies, contact the folks at Raddlock and let them know: www.raddlock.com

These are Peter's words, originally posted on the Calguns forum:

Warning Counterfeit FAKE Raddlock being sold by these vendors:
(Please note the names and address I am disclosing is public information that is found on the counterfeiterís shipping package or website name search)

Ebay Id:


allsourcesupply (no longer on eBay this month got kicked for some type of violation)
(Owner Daniel Shamie / Arms Unlimited)

(Owner ???? you can guess who)


ArmsUnlimited (owner Daniel Shamie)
6603 Independence Ave, Unit F
Canoga Park, CA 91303

www.allsourcesupply.com (If you type this web address it will goto armsunlimited.com for now)
If you want to find out the relationship of this vendor to Arms Unlimited and Daniel Shamie, then look it up in http://who.godaddy.com
The information listed is public.

6603 Independence Ave, Unit F
Canoga Park, CA 91303

3423 West 43rd Place
Los Angeles, CA 90008
323-293-7770 ofc 323-433-3997 fax


We have an unusual high report of defective Raddlock this last month.
Most of the complaint came from the above vendors. So, we did some research and made sample purchase from these vendors and found they are distributing Fake AR Raddlock Model BDE-701X. These counterfeiters try to mast the fake Raddlock by using very convincing label and packaging. But the Raddlock itself is out of spec, missing parts or may not work properly.

If you have purchased any Fake AR Raddlock from any of the above vendors, then we highly suggest you file a complaint with eBay , Amazon, and your credit card company that you were sold counterfeit products. You should request a full refund and file chargeback with your Credit Company and Paypal, if you receive the fake product. We donít know when exactly this counterfeit AR Raddlock came on the market, but we estimate it can be as far back as 3 months ago.

Here is how to identify if you received counterfeit AR Raddlock:
(Note: purchases made from Armsunlimited.com or their Amazon Account will have mix batch of real and fake Raddlock, since they are our former authorized dealer, but purchase made from www.botachtactical.com & eBay users gstar811 & allsourcesupply are 100% Fake)

Let me clarify the Real Picture. The Real Picture shown is the newest and latest model GEN-XT that we started shipping June 1, 2013. There should be no more GEN-X new the package model being sold by any dealers. The Fake copy is of our last model Gen-X (the counterfeiter didn't count on us improving the Raddlock even more) So if you got one without the Allen Wrench and the addendum, then you got the GEN-X Model. Real Gen-X model did not come with allen wrench or side screw hole. However if your GEN-X model match any description from the Fake picture and you bought it from the dealers mentioned, then you got the fake model.


Sorry about the quality of pix, they are taken with cel phone. I will put up better pictures this weekend.

Please help me spread this information to other forums and online sources, so we can put a stop to these counterfeiters.

Also, if you should have any information on sites or sources selling the same counterfeit Raddlocks, then get in touch me ASAP. I will have my lawyers deal with them.

Thank you for your help and support.