View Full Version : Ammo Permit in CT?

09-02-13, 22:55
So, my father writes me today because he decided to get a job at Cabela's. I was very happy to hear that ammo was coming in so we could shoot again and then he wrote me and said everything flew off the shelf today...

I guess the law regarding a permit to buy ammo starting October 1st is still freaking people out...

So do you have your ammo permit?

09-11-13, 09:09
Last I heard, you need an ammo permit only if you do not already have a pistol permit or rifle permit. All ammo purchases have to be done face to face as well; no internet orders. I think there's a background check for ammo too, just like a NICS check. It's going to slow the process down immensely and mean that no ammo can be purchased after 7 pm (when the state background check closes) or on holidays, or whenever the state feels like being closed (which is quite often). It's also going to mean huge lines everywhere and Connecticut Wal Marts are going to probably stop carrying ammo (if they haven't already).

Also, if your dad is working at the gun counter and you has any questions, PM me. I got a job there out of college thinking it would be a gap filler. But the economy tanked and I ended up there for three years! :eek: