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09-10-13, 23:24
Hello all,

We in California are fighting to stop a slew of hysterical anti-gun bills in reaction to Newtown. We're talking everything from ammo permits and full bans on all magazine fed semi automatic centerfire rifles to banning and confiscating all pre ban magazines, parts, and even 10 round magazines that LOOK like they hold more than 10 rounds.

Let's crush this attack everywhere.

More info at Http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=812c9186a81db6434329bda16&id=4c44441131

Go to www.demandrights.com to demand CA Gov. Brown veto the spat of anti-gun bills working their way in California!

No freedom until we are all free.

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09-11-13, 00:10
I sent Gov. Brown an email yesterday, I will send one again tomorrow.