View Full Version : Possible move to Dobbins AFB, requesting area info.

09-19-13, 09:21
I'm considering leaving active duty and trying to get a full time reserve slot. Will still be working full time doing same thing, just will not move anywhere else unless I change units. Anyway.

Any advice on some areas to look into or stay away from? My inlaws are just south of ATL in Covington.Ultimately I'd like to find a place with a little bit of land outside of city limits so I can shoot on my property. Also with 2 daughters finding good schools is the most import thing. I'm thinking anything within say 20 miles of the base would be great maybe upto 30 away, but closer is better. Any info you might be able to give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

09-19-13, 20:41
Good with the possible transition.

For guns, gear, and a good indoor range try Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna. Probably less than 10 miles from Dobbins.

Stay away from Clayton County. South of ATL. Lots of bad there.

For schools look here:


For land w 20+ acres, good luck. I might suggest you're going to have to get 40+ miles out before finding anything reasonably priced e.g. not planned or headed toward commercial development.

Best wishes.