View Full Version : KU Professor Wishes for death of NRA member's Children

09-19-13, 16:43
Journalism Professor Wishes for Death of NRA Member’s Children

#NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God damn you.

— David Guth (@DWGuth) September 16, 2013


09-19-13, 22:14
How pleasant. A good friend went to KU, and I just let them know about this.

I am sure all the alumni will be so pleased. Remember this when they come asking for money for a new basketball gym.

09-19-13, 22:41
Ahhh, liberal 'tolerance', ain't it grand?

09-20-13, 01:03
Good old Lawrence, what Austin is to Texas, Lawrence is much worse.

09-20-13, 01:39
Yes, of course it's not the fault of the mentally unstable guy behind the trigger...

09-20-13, 08:17
KU on Wednesday told Campus Reform that they stand by the professor's right to make such statements.

“Faculty have their own social media accounts and use those to express personal opinions, but those opinions do not represent the university,” spokesman Jack Martin wrote in an email statement to Campus Reform on Wednesday.

While Guth’s Twitter account is personal, his biography includes a link that directs to the school’s website.

“An Eastern Shoreman turned professor and historian,” reads his description. “A devoted husband, father and dog owner. Most important: an independent thinker.”

Official school policy demands all in the community adhere to a standard of “inclusive learning and working environment at the University of Kansas.”

Guth made his comments the same day as the massacre at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC which left 13 people dead including the shooter.

Guth also served as the associate dean of the journalism school from July 2004 to July 2009.


09-20-13, 08:27
ahh the peoples republic of lawrence, so happy my tax dollars support that guys salary. the really sad thing is that he is one of many that have corrupted our education system. :angry:

09-20-13, 10:42
I hope they fire his ass. Doubt he has any kids. If he said that to my face, I think I'd show him some of his own blood on my hands when I busted his nose....

09-20-13, 15:30
Word is now that he is suspended. Probably just a diversion--he'll be reinstated once no one is apying attention anymore.

09-20-13, 17:54
Word is now that he is suspended. Probably just a diversion--he'll be reinstated once no one is apying attention anymore.

AP Headline Whitewashes KU Prof's Placement on Leave Over Wishing Sons and Daughters of NRA Members Dead

The Associated Press, in story carried at Channel 6 in Lawrence, reported (HT Twitchy) that a Kansas University professor has been "placed on administrative leave


09-20-13, 18:20
Paid, or unpaid leave? That will tell you if the University means business or not. One is path to firing, other is free vacation 'til things blow over'...

09-20-13, 18:44
Yes, of course it's not the fault of the mentally unstable guy behind the trigger...

He used an AR-15 for God's sake! Oh wait, never mind. :bad:

And BTW, how does he know some those killed were not the sons and daughters of NRA members?

09-20-13, 22:08
What an ass.

I'm an NRA member and I have 3 kids, 5 and under.

How do you wish ill will on a 5 year old? Or a 3 year old? Or a 1 year old?

Here's to you, dickhead.....

Pierced Armor
09-23-13, 16:20
He better be glad there wasn't a NRA member who had kids, nearby when he said it. Nobody threatens my 7 and 10 year old, nobody. Especially some progressive hack!

It's funny how there's all these liberal organizations that are there to protect the rights of various individuals, that is as long as their fellow liberals. Let's see NOW looking to protect the rights of conservative women or the NAACP defending the rights of conservative African-Americans (I hope I said that correctly and didn't offend anyone?). All of these organizations got you back as long as you have an identical Utopian mindset.

How did we ever get here? To think that my kids will have to attend a University one day terrifies me to no end.