View Full Version : 2014 Texas Ducks Unlimited Giveaway

10-02-13, 20:56

I thought I would share this with yall. The Texas chapter of ducks unlimited are selling 2014 calendars for $50 that will enter you into a drawing each day of next year for a gun. What is awesome is that they are only selling 10000 calendars so that means a 1 in 27 chance of winning with the purchase of only 1 calendar. I mean what more can you ask for, helping conservation and great odds of winning a gun.

In order to get a calendar you need to contact your local DU chapter, for you Houston guys that might be interested my co worker I believe is on the DU committee. So if you want one PM me and we can work something out so I can get you a calendar.

Usually these types of things are for a single drawing for a firearm not 365 chances.