View Full Version : Shipping a pistol grip to CT: legal?

10-09-13, 16:58
A member recently purchased a BCM pistol grip from me on the EE. It wasn't until we had already agreed to the deal that I realized he was from Connecticut.

Does anyone know if it's still legal to ship parts like this to CT? It seems like it would be, but I wanted to check.

(and yes, I know most of you aren't lawyers)

10-09-13, 18:07
Gray area, "parts that can be used to manufacture an 'assault weapon' must be registered" But if you register your "assault weapon" then you can modify it with any parts you want.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't. CT State police are refusing to offer a legal opinion, and some lawyers are saying its good to go and some are saying no-go.

Applications to keep "Assault weapons" need to be sent in by Jan 1 2014, so in my humble slightly informed opinion I would say you don't have to worry about it until the first of the year.

10-11-13, 15:59
Hmmm. I would tend to agree. Do you have any links to this stuff? I tried searching for it myself but got completely lost.

10-11-13, 16:21
If it is so much a concern, just tell him to go into a LGS & purchase a Magpul grip without the hastle.

Plenty of stores here that have them available & if he has to have a BCM grip, AFAIK, BCM is still shipping those to CT

12-04-13, 08:13
It is just a grip. Hope you shipped it.