View Full Version : Pistol/Carbine Training/Classes MA

10-13-13, 19:43
Any credible trainers come to MA?

Looking for pistol/carbine.

10-13-13, 20:09
Check out NE Shooters, they are in NH but I know a lot of guys go up from Mass for their courses. They host some good instructors.

10-14-13, 11:43
Cri-Tac Tactical is going to Pelham NH on November 2 and 3rd. Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun combined. Pistol and Shotgun on Saturday. Rifle on Sunday. Training with Kelly Venden is great. Easygoing, smart. You will be doing well quickly. Gregg, his AI, is good too. Check it out at www.neshooters.com

10-15-13, 00:07
Thanks for the link.
Will check out.
I see they have had Vicker's class in the past?
Hopefully a return soon?