View Full Version : Can anyone install my new Glock sights?

10-17-13, 16:24
DFW area, bought a new Glock 34 and Sevigny competition sights (this is my IDPA rig), but I do not want to pay the $30-50 for sights install at a gun shop.

Anyone got the sight tools to help me out?

10-18-13, 14:45
GT Distributors in Dallas installed Warren sights purchased elsewhere on a G19 while I waited for $12 if I recall correctly. Might be worth a call if you don't have any luck.

10-18-13, 16:07
You can do it yourself with a wood block and a rubber mallet. Look it up on YouTube. It's a daunting task the first time but go slow and it'll be fine.

10-18-13, 17:03
Here is a first timer Replacing Glock sights with makeshift tools.


10-18-13, 22:13
It's really easy, save the money.

10-27-13, 02:43
bought mine from GT Dist and they installed for free if you buy either the sights or the gun from them.. done within a couple minutes..