View Full Version : How many M4Cers are attending the 2 Day Vicker's class in Bangor, ME (May 2014)

10-22-13, 22:51
This is the first time that I can recall a top tier trainer coming to Northern Maine. My bet is that the class will fill quickly. The sponsor is also bringing up other high level instructors to the area to conduct classes next year.

Anyone here plan on going?

10-22-13, 22:56
I have given it some thought and would like to if the ducks line up. For those also able to consider travel, make a vacation of it. The Bangor area is great place to visit, and an easy drive from the coast.

10-22-13, 23:19
I'm going to the 2 day LE course. Luckily enough I only live about five miles from the range. I am really looking forward to it.

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10-23-13, 08:21
I'm glad you posted this. I didn't see that it was on his schedule for 2014. Will mark it on my calendar, and give it some serious thought. Would make for a great few day vacation! :D

10-23-13, 13:32
The range is private but it's a very good setup and in a convenient location.

10-23-13, 13:56
It's two days LE and then two days open enrollment right? Did I read that correctly?

10-23-13, 14:15
It's two days LE and then two days open enrollment right? Did I read that correctly?

JW - you are correct. They are also in two different locations, one at a police range and the other at a private range in Hermon, just outside Bangor.

10-23-13, 14:31
Ok thanks very much!!

11-03-13, 17:26
Hey guys .. Me/we stone wall arms will be hosting classes this year.. To get updates check out stone wall arms Facebook like page..