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11-25-13, 08:50
So my dad is picking up a pistol and taking my advice to get some training. He is looking to get the pistol mainly for protection. I live in Texas so I am not close enough to help him out. He hasn't shot anything but black powder in the past 30 years or so. I saw LAV was going to be down there but he can't make it to that course. He lives out in the west valley to give you guys some insight in location. Any insight would be appreciated.

11-25-13, 23:08
Nils Jonasson is top notch. Won both IDPA and USPSA this year. Pretty sure he'll be instructing for Armageddon Tactical Solutions out at CowTown.


01-21-14, 12:44
If you are looking for basic courses - saw he's shot bp for 30 years - I'd recommend Black Wolf out in the west valley. Hansen is MCSO & good people.

Otherwise I'd look at SGC they get a lot of guys from MPD, SPD & MCSO to teach basic courses.

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01-27-14, 16:33

01-27-14, 16:51
Glen @ Independence Training would get my vote.

He works all around the state, and does private lessons as well.


01-28-14, 02:18
Glen is a solid guy and I recommend him as well.

01-28-14, 03:25
Once he's figured out which end the bullet comes out of have him shoot with Rob Leatham.

Cecil Burch
01-28-14, 17:14
Glen is a solid guy and I recommend him as well.

Me too. I also like the fact that Glen is focused on continually improving as an instructor, not just as a shooter. He is often a student at other classes. I just was with him in Craig Douglas' A.M.I.S. class I hosted in Phoenix in November.