View Full Version : DFW/Houston/East TX guys come help me out with a handguard install?

12-10-13, 20:36
I don't have any room for a vice, and don't own a receiver block or torque wrench. I'll supply some beer and pizza to someone who can host...I just want to change out my Daniel Defense rails with Geissele SMR/BCM KeyMod when it arrives. I travel for business all the time so I'm fairly flexible on location. I frequent Longview, Houston, Dallas, even going up to Tulsa/OKC sometimes. Your help is truly appreciated! Just give me a PM if you want some company and free booze...


12-11-13, 00:01
Your inbox is full....must have lots of offers ;)

12-11-13, 15:26
Sorry! This new GUI doesn't show how full the inbox is anymore...I've cleared my messages :)

PS- I don't have a DD barrel nut wrench either.