View Full Version : How to apply online for Illinois carry concealed firearm license

12-18-13, 19:23
I put together a tutorial with 31 screen shots on how to apply for your Illinois Carry Concealed Firearm License with screen shots and including your digital signature and enabling Java etc...

How to Apply for your Illinois Carry Concealed Firearm License: http://chicagogunsmith.com/blog/how-do-i-apply-for-my-illinois-carry-concealed-license/190/

It's not that difficult if you are fairly computer savvy. The hardest part is the computer digital signature process because alot of people were getting errors. It's about a 10-20 minute process.

12-19-13, 10:55
I tried to do the digital ID thing last night. System kept coming back with "driver's license info invalid". Opened a trouble ticket with the PKI folks.


12-19-13, 11:48
Yep alot of people have been having those problems. I think most of the time it comes back t opeope not using a capital letter and/or not using the proper dashes. For me was smooth and seamless, for others they have had to open tickets. That's why I wrote the guide, because so many people I have spoken with have been having terrible problems.

Keep in mind if you are not an instructor, you will only be able to go about 70% and will get a notice saying to come back after the 5th to complete the application.