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12-30-13, 20:24
I have been waiting with baited breath for any new information about the SBR bill that is going thru out state govt. right now. Haven't heard much in the news or internet so I got into contact with a guy I know that up until recently worked for the Republicans over at the Capitol.

*** said the senate has passed it, it just went to the house, but he thinks they'll pass it, then it has to go to the governor for his signature. He gives the gov a 60% chance of signing it. They are in recess right now, but maybe a month or so, but *** said this isn't the thing Snyder likes to sign but feels Snyder might feel forced to .

So it looks like we might need to educate Governor Snyder a bit on this.

12-30-13, 20:47
Link to bill SB610

Currently in House Judiciary Committee.

Link to contact Snyder

Let's get this pushed through.

12-31-13, 10:00

Thanks for supplying those 3 links.

12-31-13, 17:51
Good luck with the legislation, guys. I hope you do get this passed and signed.

01-02-14, 12:17
Letters written... fingers crossed!

I personally know the primary sponsor of the bill so I'll have a chat with him next time I see him :)

02-18-14, 12:59
I wrote both committee chairs on the 7th.

The Bill is now on the Committee calendar for this Thursday Feb 20th.

02-18-14, 13:38
I wrote both committee chairs on the 7th.

The Bill is now on the Committee calendar for this Thursday Feb 20th.

This is great news. From what I've heard it has an excellent chance of passing.

02-18-14, 13:57
Great news for Michigan!

02-18-14, 18:16
Wow, if this goes thru I'll be in the market for a SBR upper very soon!

02-18-14, 19:01
My bros in MI will be ecstatic if it passes. I hope if it does pass, the effort will be redirected to repeal mandatory handgun registration.

Hot Holster
02-18-14, 19:54
I hope it passes because I'll be able to take mine when I travel back to Michigan to see family and friends.

02-18-14, 21:11
Just emailed all committee members and expressed my desire for this bill to get a full vote on the floor of the House. I look forward to tomorrow's results.

02-18-14, 21:25
Excellent news! Keep up the good work, and make sure your voices are heard.

02-18-14, 21:37
Good luck! Hoping Washington State passes ours as well. The Senate passed 47-0 today, hopefully the House feels the same.

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02-28-14, 11:54
FYI. The Bill went to the House Juciciary Committee Wed, Feb 26th

03-19-14, 09:48
One step closer!!!

"Today, the Michigan Senate concurred with the House changes to Senate Bill 610 by a 36-2 vote. This bill will now be sent to Governor Rick Snyder (R) for his expected signature."

Now I have to decide between the 11.5" or 12.5" BCM / KMR upper :cool:

03-19-14, 09:54
Great news for Michigan. Between MI and WA this has been a great year so far!

03-19-14, 09:59
My wife is going to be pissed.

03-19-14, 10:10
My wife is going to be pissed.

tell me about it...
Any purchase I make will have to be next year as I've already used up my "disposable income" for the year...

03-19-14, 11:23
Very good news.


03-19-14, 11:39
Great news!

03-19-14, 19:10
Any of you guys planning to go the Trust route? I've been considering setting up a trust on account of this legislation. If yes, what are your reasons?

03-19-14, 20:56
Any of you guys planning to go the Trust route? I've been considering setting up a trust on account of this legislation. If yes, what are your reasons?

Yes. What sold me on the trust for my situation is that trustees (in this case my family) can access/use the NFA items without my presence.

03-19-14, 21:51
Excellent work, guys!

03-19-14, 21:57
Great, now the wait times from the ATF just got longer.

But seriously, congrats. I read your Gov would sign if it passed. Be sure to send out a few thank you emails/letters to those who deserve it.

03-23-14, 20:29
now i can take my sbr when i go steel head fishing 2-3 times a year

anyone know what is about suppressors'

cant member""""


03-27-14, 14:34
SB 610 is now law! Just received an email from Rick Snyder's Office:
Dear Fr0gger,

Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Snyder’s Office regarding SB 610. This legislation, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Green, allows for the manufacture, possession or transfer of short-barreled shotguns or rifles in compliance with federal law. An owner must also keep the federal registration for the firearm and present the registration to law enforcement when requested during transport. Governor Snyder has signed this legislation and it is now Public Act 63 of 2014.
We appreciate you taking the time to voice your concerns about this issue.
Thank you, again, for contacting Governor Rick Snyder’s Office. If I can ever be of assistance with any state government related issue in the future please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Ryan Studley
Constituent Services Division
Executive Office of the Governor, Rick Snyder
O: 517-335-7858

03-27-14, 14:46
Just received the same email.

This is a great day for the citizens of Michigan!

First suppressors and now SBRs.

03-27-14, 14:56
Damn good day in Michigan today :)

03-27-14, 16:04
Now this opens up a whole new world for me (and my credit rating). Oh my, what to do!!

Dave L.
03-28-14, 06:18
Boom! It's on now boys!

03-28-14, 07:44
Boom! It's on now boys!
You mean a year from now when the forms get approved right lol. I did hear that the ATF server crashed a few hours after it was signed into law. I have a feeling with a huge increase in forms, there will be an even longer wait. I am still just debating on if I should do a trust or not.

03-28-14, 08:00
It crashed faster then that. Haha. But eventually some got through. A trust is probably the smartest and easiest way to do it. This way, if you pass, your family isn't stuck with illegal firearms. Something to consider

04-06-14, 23:01

Boom! It's on now boys!