View Full Version : Crye Precision Six12 breaching shotgun

01-17-14, 23:09
From another thread:


I'm not that familiar with how it works, but it just appears that hand grip would be a little too close to the muzzle for breaching work.

Am I wrong in thinking there are safety issues?


01-18-14, 13:38
No not really as long as the breacher is switched on and aware of his hand placement. I've been an explosives and ballistic breaching instructor for about 6-7 years and using breaching shotguns for almost twice that time. Our shotguns muzzles cut off just past the end of the standard 870 handguard. Ours would put your digits even closer to the muzzle if you were at full extension on the forend. Muzzle blast and debris will all get pushed forward and away from the shooter. There always is the chance that the knucklehead behind the gun might make a mistake in a high stress situation breaching a door on a hot callout and place his hand too far forward. That's why you need to train often and perform a lot of reps when you do get to train. Having a pistol grip forend would make it a good hand reference point they would always go to and not go past it if trained correctly. With a standard forend there's always a chance of a mistake being made but that's what I'd call a "Self Correcting Problem". If they did it once I'm sure they won't do it again.