View Full Version : wilson combat bolts?

01-21-14, 01:06
never mind...

01-21-14, 13:08
Sorry i didnt know we had a wilson combat forum..Thought since it was part of an m-4, a bolt, it would be part of m-4 GD
So never mind...

01-21-14, 13:16
How can I help you? Do you have a question?

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01-21-14, 14:28
Just an FYI
I have two of the NP3 coated Wilson Combat bolts, 6.8 and 556

Lots of rounds, zero issues.

01-22-14, 16:48
Hi, yes that was what i was wondering. Wilson has there bolts"5.56" for 58 bucks just wondering if they were as good as everything else Wilson makes?
I need a spare bolt and at that price i could get 2 ..lol Not looking at there coated bolts just the normal old bolt.. Thanks for looking at my post,I thought it would just get lost..
$58 bucks just seems to good to be true..lol
I just made an order for some .45 mags and saw it afterwards..once again thanks for you time..
Looks like there built as well as bcm bolts but 20 bucks less..