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01-22-14, 14:59
Hello all,

I'm an ATV/UTV desert tour guide for a company in Phoenix, AZ, and we are looking to do shooting adventures as an additional activity. Having grew up around firearms and knowing my way around them, I was chosen to get NRA certified so I could do the shooting adventures. Well I am now certified to instruct basic pistol, basic rifle, and personal protection in the home, but apparently having only the certifications and not other 'formal' background or training is keeping the insurance company from covering us. My boss asked if I knew of any resource where I could find either information or someone with some more formal background who would like to help us out and make a little money on the side, and I said I knew of a pretty decent resource. So if you're retired or active police, SWAT, or military, or you have some formal instruction experience and would like to have fun helping us out, there'll be some hefty discounts on renting ATVs, UTVs, Jet skis, and boats! Leave a reply if you want more info! Thanks!!


01-24-14, 21:26
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