View Full Version : Illinois State Rep Michelle Mussman Anti Gun Event. 2/24

02-19-14, 19:26
Time to break out the NRA hats and the IGOLD shirts. Michelle Mussman is holding an anti gun meeting at the Hoffman Estates village hall Monday 2/24 at 6:15. Need to pack this place and counter her garbage. Need all the bodies we can get.

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02-25-14, 10:03
Anyone get to this? My son was sick so I couldn't make it.

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03-07-14, 11:56
This is the report I got from someone who did attend,

full room (about 100- 200, I should have counted the chairs better...), all but a handful were pro-2A supporters.

She was just outside the room, at it's door, greeting each individual as they entered.

And YES, there were regulation No-carry signs on the City Hall doors, one for each of the double doors...

ANY suggestion of a "post these No-carry" signs rah rah type of meeting just plain evaporated (IF they ever existed)

Format was JUST her with a microphone standing in front of the crowd, taking questions and comments.
"rearranged things", and took the first 45 minutes on 2A issues,
then promised to segue to other issues, for the 4 to 6 OTHER folks in the room.

Said she "wasn't anti 2A", just "voted her constituents" according to a randomized (and very heavily negative word loaded) survey of her 100,000 district voters, sample size sent was 3000. returns about 800. She claims to have examined each bill carefully and the ones she didn't vote for because she had concerns about something in them.

I didn't point out she NEVER seems to have voted for a 2A friendly bill, I believe I just thought it.

She did follow format, at 45 minutes or so, and maybe 1/3 to 1/2 the folks departed.

When it was clear the subject was firmly changed, after about another 20 to 30 minutes I departed.

I DID bring a few signs to be prepared if it was going to be a "rah rah - post these No-carry signs in your business" type of 2A bashing event, but it turned out to be preaching to the choir. Didn't even have to take them back to the car, they let me in (nobody stopped me...) with them (although I did have them in a shopping bag). The sticks would have been the issue.

So some folks got an early look at a few of this years new IGOLD signs. :)