View Full Version : Anyone Interested in Scheduling A Group Class?? NORTH TEXAS/DFW

02-25-14, 17:22
I'd really like to take some carbine/handgun classes from some of the large organizations, I.E. Haley Strategic, Magpul Dynamics, Vickers Tactical, etc....

Would anyone in or around DFW AREA/NORTH TEXAS AREA be interested?? The classes tend to require a certain amount of students, so anyone interested would be appreciated.


02-25-14, 17:35
They are already coming. Red River West is a really nice range.


02-25-14, 17:58
This may just be what I was looking for. Thanks!! The offer for a group is still up though.

02-25-14, 18:03
Actually the real issue is that there are very few scheduled classes for this year.

02-25-14, 18:33
Look at the thread directly below the thread you created. https://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?135033-Fusion-Tactical-Range-in-Forney-TX

You can also watch the websites of the various training groups. Schedules can change with classes added and cancelled. If you find a class that you want to attend, make sure you don't mess around with signing up.

02-25-14, 19:16
I've been checking up on individual sites, and for some reason it seems that there are very few classes scheduled anywhere in Texas, and none of them are the type I am looking for. It's kind of irritating. Remember that Texas is bigger than France and "In State" does not mean doable, which I'm sure you know. Do you attend courses??

I need some good modern carbine classes, that integrate the use of a handgun also. I plan on going into the army in a combat arms role and want to be ahead of all others.

As I understand it, because you are in the military does not necessarily mean that you are trained best and have all of the knowledge needed for combat. Take the gentleman who was wounded due to a lack of training in the stickies.

02-25-14, 19:55

Check out Randy Dehay. I met him at LAV's classes in Gainesville. He does private training and classes at the Red River ranges.

02-25-14, 21:01
Hey this guy seems great!! I'll take a look at his website. Green Berets are teachers anyhow. How'd you think he was??

02-26-14, 09:43
He was there as an RO, so we only exchanged small talk during breaks. Somehow it came up that he did some training himself, and he gave me his card. He seemed nice and personable, but that was only my first impression. I have planned on contacting him myself, but I have been busy and unable thus far. He did say that he would do small semi-private classes tailored the way you wanted (rifle, pistol, long range, whatever).

02-26-14, 14:41
You know I decided to look him up, and I found somebody else asked about him in professionalsoldiers.com, (special forces site) and acouple people from 7th SFG confirmed that he was a great guy.

Im really considering giving this guy a call about some lessons or something.

02-26-14, 14:51
I would be up for trying to schedule something. Ammo is really my limiting factor though. I am planning on taking the HSP class in December but DAMN he's expensive and December weather is terrible. So I might bail on that just don't want to pay that much to be freezing cold and terrible weather.

02-26-14, 16:20
That would be awesome Kenneth. Having difficulty figuring out training, and just the thought of waiting for October or December to get trained, well that's a long time. What is HSP??

02-26-14, 16:20
Oh!! Haley Strategic!! Now there's a class I'd like to take. I believe that if you can get about 16 people (I think) then he will come to you, and do the class at somewhere you have.