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03-08-14, 01:26
Not sure if this is the best place for it, bit I am pumped! http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/03/jeremy-s/breaking-washington-state-house-senate-pass-sbr-bill-sb-5956/

03-08-14, 08:28
Wow that is great news. I was starting to look into a pistol AR, but now it looks like we will just be able to go the SBR route.

Steel head
03-08-14, 09:17
Just WOW!
I'd never do the pistol thing but a SBR companion to my SPR rifle may be in the future.

03-08-14, 09:55
Im so excited, I cant see straight. I have been waiting for this for about 6-7 years. I could never do the ar pistol thing, felt cheesy to me (NO Offense to anyone that has them). So ill probably do two BCM lowers from G&R to Form 1 and im set, MK18 have always looked slick , that and 300 blackout 10 inch upper and im golden, waiting for June once law comes into effect and praying not vetoed!

03-08-14, 10:18
This is great news for Washington!

03-08-14, 17:22
Outstanding news! KAC upper, here I come...

04-02-14, 21:08


04-02-14, 21:19
I just took out the ar "pistol" I built to celebrate this. I did 11.5 bcm lightweight barrel on a bcm upper with a mk18 ris II.. 210 flawless rounds. Good fun.