View Full Version : Montana gender ballot measure

03-12-14, 11:45
dang, sounds like califLibs have moved to Montana.


03-14-14, 13:21
Wow.... next it will be so many women, so many blacks, so many women that are black, so many hispanics ... etc.....

03-14-14, 16:11
Leftist womenfolk from Montana are hardly anything new.


A lifelong pacifist, she was one of fifty members of Congress who voted against entry into World War I in 1917, and the only member of Congress who voted against declaring war on Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

06-15-14, 15:26
The women's suffrage movement was born in Western states like Montana. IIRC, Colorado was the first state in the Union to allow women to vote in state and local elections.

06-17-14, 10:08
That may have been a mistake I am for getting back to letting only male property owners vote.

06-17-14, 11:07
I guess gender based discrimination being evil doesn't mean what we think it means.

So a guy named John Marshal is sponsoring this abortion of civil rights violation. WFT??