View Full Version : Defensive Creations/Dave Laubert in Ohio

03-22-14, 13:41
Any one heard of them? I'm thinking of sending my carbine to them for some gunsmith work and was wondering if anyone here has used them before.

Thank you in advance.

03-23-14, 20:27
u coulld not have a better pick. know him well done 20 or so guns for me.threads all my bbls if need for "cans". build all our work guns. he will shorten a 4-1/4" s&w new model 69 .44 magnum if i decide to get 1. nothing he cant do so far
i have done 5000.00$ with him over the last 5 yrs or so


03-23-14, 22:40
Thank you for the confirmation....I appreciate it.