View Full Version : IL HB4290 creates penalties for Concealed Carry Instructors passes house

03-28-14, 12:13
IL HB4290 creates penalties for Illinois Concealed Carry instructors who knowingly provide false certifications passes the IL House and is off to the Senate.


I have mixed feelings on this one because of how it was written.

03-28-14, 15:14
Did I read that article correct in the the author of the bill is the one questioning it??

03-29-14, 22:39
I recently shifted gears and am teaching CCW courses to civilians. I support the bill. If you gun deck the course and push people through without training them, I think you should do time.

09-10-15, 20:38
Well old news now, but the bill was bad for legitimate instructors because it was a means that an otherwise honest instructor who made a simple mistake could forever lose his credentials. I was in no way against punishing instructors who purposely cheat. The bill did not allow for any sort of wiggle room for honest mistakes.

By the way if you ever need an assistant instructor or RSO, look me up.