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Dave L.
05-30-08, 18:11
Keep in mind- this is mostly for shits and giggles:
My first deer hunting rifle my parents bought for me was a Savage 110LA in 7mm Rem Mag. It was only about $380, wood stock, blued...nothing special.
I'm thinking if giving it a face lift and wondered if anyone has ever done something like this. This is what I'm thinking:
-Cryo Treament
-Barrel cut 2" (possibly ported)
-Hogue Overmold Stock with Full Aluminum pillar bedding
-Triger Job- 3.5lb.
-Mil. Spec. Scope base/rings
-Probably a Leupold MRT/LRT

I'm not really worried about getting it trued- it holds 1" with good ammo as it is now.

Ya, it might be a waste of money but I have an emotional attachment to it...and money to blow.
Any advice would be cool- especially if someone has done something like this.

05-30-08, 18:33

Cold Zero
05-30-08, 18:46
Dave, what kind of hunting will you be doing with it? I.E. tree stand, mtn. huntin, deer drives, etc.

05-30-08, 18:59
If this rifle has some sentimental attachment then I would go with the muzzle brake and trigger job. Of course a scope upgrade.
The rest of the money you would spend could go to a beat up pawn shop Savage 110 that could be rebarreled, cryo treated, and restocked to become a tack driver in a caliber you may want to add to the safe.
My sentimental guns are for the most part "as issued". However my special purpose guns get whatever they need. Or whatever I think they need.

05-30-08, 19:29
My sentimental guns are for the most part "as issued".

Likewise. My two sentimental favorites get fired at least several times a year and then cleaned, lubed and carefully stored. I won't even consider adding period (1929 and 1935) optics -- I mean, if open sights kept my grandfather's family fed and the varmints out of his corn crib then, dammit, they're good enough for me. :)

That said, Dave L., if you're itching for a project and have no sentimental attachment to the tool, then have at it. :cool:

Dave L.
05-31-08, 05:20
Savage 110 owners usually like them a lot.

My circa '86 110 in .338 Win Mag was eventually rebuilt as a heavy barreled 110FP clone in 300 Win Mag. Look into the B&C Duramax stocks, sometimes Midway has them on sale. The Ken Farrel scope mount is pretty popular, and Savage Shooters Supply also has heavy duty recoil lugs and metal trigger guards.

My original 338 Win Mag barrel had been chopped down to about 21.5 inches, and was a great rifle for the Cedar and Mequite thickets in my area. With the dog sized deer in Texas it was seriously overkill.

Check around online for directions to tune your trigger, my factory one now drops at 3#'s and brings a big smile to anyone who tries it.


Thanks for that info, I'll check those sites out asap.

Dave L.
05-31-08, 05:21
Dave, what kind of hunting will you be doing with it? I.E. tree stand, mtn. huntin, deer drives, etc.

Whitetail Deer in tree stand, ground blinds, drives...and shooting paper of course.

Dave L.
05-31-08, 05:27
Sorry guys, maybe I wasn't clear on my "emotional attachment" part. I'm not emotionally attached to this gun as if it was my Grandfather's old "ot-six"...
Like I said, I mainly want to give it a "face lift". The only real mod I'm doing is chopping the barrel- but if I put a boss on it it may end up being the same length I start with.
Thanks for all the info and advice though - Much appreciated.