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05-01-14, 14:12
Precision Rifle 1 Class -- Wadsworth Ohio

its that time of the year... anyone interested in taking a Precision Rifle 1 Class?... 1st class is May 18th in wadsworth Ohio, starting at 9am, class is "normaly" 8 hours.

if you cant make that, contact me about other dates... get ready for a sniper match's at TVP every month for the summer.

all the info you need is in the PDF flyer attached,...

who is this class geared for?
someone who hasn't shot much past 100/200y and wants to stretch their legs some, someone that wants to get into the tactical precision rifle sport or someone who is new to the sport and wants to get better.
someone that wants to lean how to use their tools to achieve the best results they can, and pick up some helpful tips to get even better.

Cost is $150
what you need is listed in the PDF link

we will be shooting form 100y to 850y

05-19-14, 07:12
ok, rescheduled to June 8th, sunday 9-5pm

if you didnt get a invite from me this morning, then i dont have your email, email me know, and ill add you

PM or email from here..