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05-08-14, 22:18
I am thinking about moving to Weston, West Virginia. Can any of you give me some pro's and con's about living in the state ? ATM I am in Clark's summit. Pa and love all the scenery up here. Penn is much more beautiful, but a little too far north for me.

Currently I work in the oilfield in oklahoma, but I was asked about maybe transferring up here. The money is a bit tempting.

I would love to hear from some residents on things.

01-10-15, 21:43
I've lived in West Virginia my whole life, and it's a great state to live in. Very pro gun, and plenty of public shooting ranges. Great fishing, and great hunting too. Weston is closer to more civilization than where I live, but there are all kinds of outdoor opportunities in West Virginia. If you like the scenery in Pennsylvania, you'll like West Virginia just fine!