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05-18-14, 23:03
CLICK HERE FOR INFO AND REGISTRATION!!! (http://www.okrunngun.com)

This summer's Pawnee Run 'n Gun is officially open for registration! The Pawnee Run 'n Gun is a center fire biathlon -- it is a running course that has shooting stations for both rifle and pistol that must be completed along the way. It is designed to be a test of both shooter and equipment under field conditions. The idea is that you will have a better idea of how you would perform when the "chips are down" if you have to shoot while hot, sweaty, tired, and sore; and you will have a better idea of whether your gear is up to snuff for Second Amendment purposes after you put some miles on it over a variety of terrain. It is also a good opportunity to see what gear other shooters are using, and get ideas for your own setup. Ultimately it is all about making gun owners more effective defenders of life and liberty. Though it is called "Run 'n Gun," participants are welcome to walk the course, and many do. It is all about seeing how you perform at your current state of readiness.

75 spots are available -- registration is $65. This time around we are giving participants a choice of either a 5k or 10k course. They will both have the same shooting stations, with the exception of the bonus "rescue" stage that the 10k runners will be doing... a little extra physical challenge for all you cardio monsters! ;) The stages are designed to test your skill in a variety of situations, from close and fast to the "Rifleman's Quarter Mile." All you need to participate is a center fire rifle, a center fire pistol with a holster that covers the trigger, enough ammo to finish the course, and a way to carry it all. Of course, this being Oklahoma in July, it is highly recommended to carry plenty of water as well. I hope to see some of y'all there!

05-19-14, 01:01
That sounds like a great time.


05-20-14, 00:48
Yep, there's nothing else quite like Run 'n Gun!