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Stretz Tactical Inc
05-25-14, 11:20
Saturday, June 21, 2014 9:30am - 4:00pm
Blue Mountain Sportsman Center Police Range
183 Watch Hill Road, Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567
COST: $175.00

This class is an entry level course and is designed specifically for those who have not had any formal tactical shotgun instruction or those looking for a refresher class.

Topics covered will include: Shotgun selection and setup, ammunition selection, stance, grip, mounting/presentation, managing recoil, sight alignment/sight picture, patterning, reloads, transitions to pistol (OPTIONAL FOR THOSE BRINGING A PISTOL), select slug drill, ready positions, pivots & turns and more.


- A serviceable duty/defensive 12 gauge shotgun - pump or semi-auto with a sling (tactical sling preferred) ZEROED PRIOR TO SHOWING UP @ CLASS (100 YARD ZERO PREFERRED but others are acceptable if you understand your zero)
- AMMUNITION: 40 Slug, 25 OO buckshot, 75 birdshot
- A method for carrying spare ammunition - on the gun, your person or both.
- Eye & ear protection
- Students should bring a lunch. The range hours are limited at this range and we will take a short brake to eat to maximize training time.
- OPTIONAL quality duty/defensive handgun (for transition drills) with 50 rounds, holster and spare magazine w/pouch - No serpa, crossdraw, ankle or shoulder holsters
- Due to the limited hours at this range, each student should bring a lunch. We will take a short break to eat, so that we may maximize trigger time.

Other optional items:
- Water
- Snacks
- Sunblock
- Baseball style hat

SIGN UP @ http://www.stretztactical.com/course-dates-payment/