View Full Version : June 2014 CSAT newsletter. Paul Howe looking to retire.

06-06-14, 13:46
Very interesting newsletter this month. Looks like MSG Paul Howe is working on an exit strategy after a full career in the US Military and many years as a private instructor. His training has always been top notch.


06-06-14, 15:02
Dang, I need to get down there and get in some classes with MSG Howe before he retires.

Thanks for the heads up!

06-10-14, 10:13
Bummer. He seems to be one of few highly recommended instructors within reasonable distance from Houston. Hopefully I can get in to a class or two of his before he retires.

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06-10-14, 10:21
A legend in his own right.

06-10-14, 10:28
I believe one possible scenario is for Mr Howe to turn the training classes over to other instructors that he has already trained and approved. Those instructors would continue to use the same techniques and methods of training with Mr Howe staying on as a “consultant”. That would be the best case possibility for those of us that enjoy his classses but it sounds like from the newsletter, anything is on the table.

Tango Charlie145
06-10-14, 13:15
Great man and a great instructor.