View Full Version : looking for training and training groups in Santa Rosa county area.

07-19-14, 11:51
Hey guys,
Long time uneducated shooter here in North santa rosa county looking to meet and learn from experienced shooters. Unfortunately all I can bring to the table is land and my personal fire arms. More than willing to meet at quintet or Escambia river as well. I've been searching for months for any kind of training groups in this area, but unfortunately it seems like the firearms community is also like the local shutzhund population. .... nonexistent.
Thanks guys

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10-25-15, 22:39
I'm in Okaloosa county and a member at CORE in Baker. PM me if interested.

03-06-16, 04:56
Any training courses being held in P'cola, Navarre, FWB, Destin area in the Fall 2016?

04-25-16, 16:51
I would check the calenders at CORE shooting in Baker, Fl and also Escambia River Gun Club in Pensacola.

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