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07-22-14, 21:59
Since losing my leg I've switched from Army and LE to corrections. Texas $4000 sign on bonus has me considering a move. Since there's openings in most of the state, where should I put as my top three choices? I want to live in a rural area and enjoy hunting and fishing. I think I'd prefer lower humidity of the western side of the state since I enjoyed Wyoming when I was there but I'm not opposed to learning to like the humidity if I'm better off on the east side of the state. Point me in the right area. If any of you happen to work corrections and know the prisons that would be of great help.

Here's a link to a map showing the prisons from which I can select: http://www.tdcj.state.tx.us/divisions/hr/coinfo/map.html

07-22-14, 22:05
North Central Texas is the greatest place on Earth. Oh wait, I may be biased.

It would be most helpful if you listed your possible destinations, then we could give you pros and cons. This would better assist us in assisting you.

07-22-14, 22:23
We lived in North Central Texas for three years and a few months ago moved to South Central Texas. My wife and I both like it much better down here. If you like rural areas with good hunting and fishing, you would be well off down this way. The things in this area which fit the requirements of rural with good hunting, but also close enough to large lakes for fishing would be Canyon City, Lake Hills, or perhaps Three Rivers. All of those are very close to sizable lakes, but also within 90 minutes of the Gulf coast.

In regards to the humidity, it actually is not bad at all. Coming from the northern part of the state, it is actually a welcome relief to have a bit of moisture in the air. In the north, things are so dry and the drought is so bad that it was nice to get away from that. Its nothing like the southeastern part of the state, where it reminds me of living in Baton Rouge with the level of humidity they have there.

I can't speak for the opportunities in the area for corrections.

07-22-14, 23:35
Personally, Madison County where the Ferguson unit is located would be my top choice. Rolling hills, rural, mixed hardwoods and pine, lots of freshwater lakes not too far.

Good luck

07-23-14, 00:30
Honestly, all of those areas look to be extreme parts of Texas, in one way or another. I have no insight into TDCJ. From the options that you have given, I would say to start with the ones closet to Waco and work your way out to the border. The Panhandle, Cotulla, or Fort Stockton areas would be my last choice area-wise. Good luck.

07-23-14, 12:28
Honestly, all of those areas look to be extreme parts of Texas, in one way or another. The Panhandle, Cotulla, or Fort Stockton areas would be my last choice area-wise. Good luck.
Yeah, for some reason they don't build prisons in the best parts of any state. LOL Extreme in what ways?

07-23-14, 12:45
The Panhandle and Western locations will be will be extremely hot in the summer, cold in the winter (ice and snow), and the wind blows almost always.
East Texas is extremely hot and humid, and don't forget the extreme size of the skeeters, which are given a place to breed by the large amounts of rain.
Cotulla area doesn't have terribly bad weather, but the illegal immigrant situation is quite bad down there, and I don't much care for the landscape. Finding a place to hunt down there could be difficult, but it mostly will be expensive, regardless.

07-23-14, 13:19
OP, how rural to you want to go? If you want to have some reasoanable reach to get to cities, then the ones you should choose from should be the ones in the east. I love the panhandle region, but I had family there and grew up there; those from outside that connection tend to loathe the area because it is flatter than a board, if atop the Llano estacado). However, the people there are golden--some of the friendliest, most helpful and generous folks you'll ever meet. There are some cities up there: Amarillo and Lubbock, but if you are someone who needs to be within a day's drive of a bigger city with more to do, the east is it. Also, the panhandle has some hunting, but not much fishing. If you want hunting AND fishing, you want to be east of Wichita Falls. I would pick either the hill country or the ones in the east.

07-23-14, 16:15
I agree with the sentiments of Cincinnatus. The wind in the panhandle is made worse by the flatness of the area, but yes, there are great people up there. That Daniel Unit in Snyder may not be too bad, either.

07-24-14, 09:07
You probably already know this but hunting in TX is EXPENSIVE.

07-24-14, 11:07
Just so that the OP is aware, the locations I recommended are all within an hour of San Antonio, and in some cases are close to another larger city as well (Austin or Corpus Christi). As for the rest, I lived in Wichita Falls previously, and I would agree with wanting to be East of there if you are going to live in the northern part of the state. The problem with that is that you are close to absolutely nothing in terms of a larger city. I don't know what you require in terms of access to quality medical care, but with the details you provided in your original post, that may be something you need to consider.

Having been in pretty much all parts of the state at some point or another, the area that sounds the closest to what you are looking for would be probably within an hour of San Antonio.

Close to state units
Close to large lakes and the ocean
Close to major metro with great medical facilities
Not as dry as North Texas
Not as humid as Southeast Texas
Hill country area with good hunting (we see deer almost constantly when out and about, and many people have hunting camps up in the Hill Country area)
Not as flat and windy as the pan handle


I hope you find what you are looking for.

Best regards,

07-27-14, 20:42
Thanks for all the advice. I think it will be at least September before I make the move. At least that means missing the August heat. I guess next will be to see if there's VA care in the areas as well.