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10-22-14, 18:17
Wilson Combat 308 Page (http://wilsoncombat.com/new/308-project.asp)

After rigorous testing and evaluation Wilson Combat is pleased to announce the availability of our new large format BILLet-AR rifles in .308 Winchester caliber.
The .308 caliber rifle is an ideal choice for the hunter or long range shooter looking for an AR-style rifle with impressive down range ballistics.
These all-new rifles utilize our in-house BILLet-AR receiver technology to build the next generation of lightweight but accurate and reliable semi-automatic rifles suitable for a variety of tactical and outdoor roles. This rifle is further enhanced with our renowned custom features like precision machined Match Grade barrels, T.R.I.M hand guard rail and crisp Tactical Trigger Units.

The rigid but lightweight BILLet-AR receiver allows us to build the lightest .308 frame AR on the market with the 7.7 pound Tactical Lightweight Model that has a lightweight 14.7" barrel and pinned muzzle device as standard.
Medium, Recon profile 16" and 18" fluted or standard barrel models are also available for shooters seeking maximum precision and all around long range performance in a slightly heavier but portable package.

Our receivers have been designed to accept commonly available metal or polymer “SR-25” pattern magazines. Numerous finish options, muzzle device, various rail lengths and other custom features are also available.

These rifles have the Wilson Combat performance you can trust along with our best-in-industry 100% Customer Satisfaction pledge.

These new rifles will start at $2995


Recon 18




10-22-14, 18:20
I'm digging that lower.
Nice job, looking forward to trying one out.

10-22-14, 19:53
Nice. Hopefully they won't be unobtanium like LaRue units.

10-22-14, 23:44
That's exciting.

10-23-14, 00:02
I'm digging that lower.
Nice job, looking forward to trying one out.

You and I both brother. Can't wait to hear some range reports.