View Full Version : Outdoor rifle range to shoot steel in NWI/Chicagoland area.

11-02-14, 13:53
Is there an outdoor rifle range in the Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland area where I can shoot at some steel targets? As far as I know Willow Slough is the closest and that's already an hour away. Willow slough is paper targets only, but I would be willing to pay to shoot at some steel even if I have to bring my own.

05-31-15, 14:39
Did anyone ever locate an outdoor range? I'm in NW Chicago and looking for something between here and Kenosha.

05-31-15, 15:36
I never did.

05-31-15, 15:38

05-31-15, 16:11
Look up Alpha Range. It's somewhere in McHenry. Don't know if they have a website, but I spoke to the owner by phone. Seemed like a nice guy. IIRC, you pay for a membership, and they make you a range officer (every member). you get 24 hour access with a key fob, I think.

I meant to check this place out after hearing good reviews, but never got around to it. I've now moved to Oregon.....

I believe there are steel targets, and you can do various drills, holster draws, etc.

09-10-15, 20:26
Aurora Sportsman in Waterman IL might allow steel. I was at an appleseed event the other week and someone the range over was ringing steel consistently. It's members only, or event only.