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06-28-08, 03:57
I have looked at RRA and Bushmaster...and I can't afford a Noveske SPR upper, the boss (wife) said so.:(

Specifically...the RRA Varmint A4 upper (stainless Wilson barrel) and the Bushmaster Predator upper (4150 CMV barrel)

Or any other comparably priced options....as long as its a 20 inch target barrel

What say ye?...and thanks for the help

07-17-08, 20:14
Have you looked at JT Distributing? They have an upper that's almost exactly like the RRA Predator varmint rifles... Check this one out: http://jtdistributing.net/store/more_k_bbk.html
You can go to the drop down menu and choose barrel lengths and such...
A friend of mine has this rifle: http://jtdistributing.net/store/more_k_match.html
in the 24" persuasion and it consistently shoots .35 MOA. You can also choose a 20" barrel with that upper kit.
I can't seem to find any of the details on J&T's website about the barrels, but my catalog lists that the 20" SS 1x8" barrel IS the Wilson air-gauged barrel - which in the drop down menu, is available for all bull/varmint kits. You could call them on the phone and make sure - I also would insist on the Wilson barrel. While you're at it, request a catalog from them, the have nice catalogs, which tell a LOT more details about the components they use - the catalog is where I remember reading about the Wilson barreled upper.
Another friend of mine just built an AR using DPMS' Mini-SASS 18" fluted teflon-coated SS bull barrel, which is getting half-MOA groups, and isn't even broken in yet! I wouldn't really want to own a complete DPMS rifle, but they make some good barrels, ESPECIALLY if you add $80 to it and let them Cryo treat the barrel (I did with my LR-308, and it's getting half MOA groups). They also have a 20" SDM fluted SS bull barrel that you might be interested in...
18" MiniSASS Barreled Upper (http://www.dpmsinc.com/store/products/?prod=5081&cat=1800)
Sorry, don't have time - have to go, but I was going to post you links to the SASS barrel only, and upper, and SDM rifle barreled upper and barrel only... oh yeah, BTW they both use 1x8" twists.

07-18-08, 00:09
Thanks Damascus,

I did look at J&T....but since I bought the SPS Tactical this project is on hold...maybe permanently.

I sold my AR 15 to get some $$$ for a stock, scope, scope mounts. (I know $900 wont pay for all that...but its a start, and I don't have to worry about spare parts for the AR anymore)

I think I'll stick to bolt actions from now on;) ...if the $hit ever hits the fan, we'll need a few "precision shooters" too... its much more my style and I'm good at it.

07-18-08, 03:12
You sold your M&P15? :( Well, as long as you shoot this new one as much or more, don't really matter lol.
You said $900 for stock, scope, rings, mounts? I think you can do it for that, I have about $950 in mine (not counting the cost of the rifle, and I'm not counting my bipod).
Scope - $450
Base (1 pc) - $45
Rings (Badger) - $80
Stock (B&C A5) - $400

I still consider my rifle a "poor man's precision rifle"... but I honestly do not think that I could get better accuracy with a $2500 rifle... Last day we were at the range, a guy was there with an Armalite AR30 in .308, and another guy with an Ed Brown Marine Sniper (I think that's what it's called?) and my rifle shot better groups than the Ed Brown, and was right with the Armalite (no B/S). I also believe that I got lucky with my rifle, and got a really good one... I've seen rifles of the same make and model sometimes shoot up to 1 MOA different... I must have gotten lucky and picked up one that had a perfectly mated bolt/chamber, no need to ever have it trued... I doubt I'll ever get any better 5 shot groups than .39" @ 100 yds. I've yet to enter it in an F-class competition, hope to soon. I do have a pricey F-class rifle, a Winchester M70 Laredo .300 Win. Mag., w/ H-S Precision tactical stock, 28" Lilja triple lapped match cryo treated barrel, titanium firing pin, Jewell trigger (16oz), it shoots .15" 100 yd. groups (.2 MOA - 8" @ 1000 yds) using 210gr. VLD's (.631 B.C.). Needless to say, I've got about $2400 invested in this sucker, but it's not too pleasant to shoot, brass is expensive, and it's too heavy to lug around for any type of hunting. Right now, I'm trying to sell it for a 6.5-284 or 7mm Dakota... or perhaps an F-class T/R or high power ready AR10.. You're welcome to shoot it if you ever cross the mountain any time.

07-22-08, 11:59
I got a 243wssm upper from Dtech. It's been great.


He makes uppers in a variety of calibers, and knows his stuff. They're reasonably priced. When I got mine, he did have quite a bit of a backlog, but in my opinion it was worth the wait.


08-12-08, 22:34

20" SDM in Hard Blue barrel from Superior Barrels. Sub MOA @ 200yds.
The fat wide ass of the Badger is the most stable thing I have ever used. Balance is now a thought instead of effort.http://www.pic4ever.com/images/2i1d1co.gif

08-06-13, 01:59
An update to this...

The SPS Tactical didn't cut it for what I wanted...so I sold it...and built this, took me almost 2 years...FN Winchester model 70, 30-06, McMillan stock (bedded in MarineTex), Vortex Viper HS 4-16x44 scope...is not a heavy barrel, but it will deliver hunting accuracy out to 600 yards (tested and proven) and is much easier to carry.


And I'm back in the market for a varmint upper for my AR...except now I have a Sig 516.