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01-10-15, 13:44
Hi all,
I'm new to the forum and going to be moving to the Fort Bragg area soon. I'm looking to take a few professional pistol and carbine classes and have come across The Range Complex in my searches for places to do it.
Does anybody have any experience with classes or instruction from this group? Or can you recommend any other places in that general area to go get some good training? They charge premium prices and have former special operations veterans teaching the courses (but so does everybody else) but I know that doesn't necessarily mean they're the best at conveying their knowledge to the average Joe.
I'm also going to look into a couple of the alias training events that come to the area.
Thanks for any info you can give me.

01-10-15, 20:28
I've been out there a few times for an intro pistol course as well as my CCW class. They're hosting an upcoming class I'm taking with Alias.

Mr. Cook and his staff are top notch. Very friendly and knowledgable, easy to approach with any concerns, and e-mail comms are prompt and professional. I will be training with them again and look forward to it.

If you're interested in competition shooting near Bragg, the Tarheel 3-gun matches and the competitions hosted at 37 PSR are your best bet. I'm a member out at 37 if you want to check the place out.

01-19-15, 10:53
I'll definitely have to look into that then. There's a joint ccw and handgun tactics course with Mike Pannone and Pat McNamara there in August I'm hoping to be able to go to

01-21-15, 22:16
I am the match director for a upcoming 2 gun match (rifle/pistol) that The Range Complex his hosting. No special training need for the match you will meet plenty of shooters there everyone from soldiers and civilians who just shoot matches for fun, also some of the hardcore Tarheel 3gun shooters will be there. Good thing about NC near FT Bragg there are matches every weekend for pistol, rifle or all three (3gun). website ncsection.org list all the matches in Eastern NC (to include in on the TRC 2gun).