View Full Version : Remington 700 SPS is a ADL or BDL

07-07-08, 18:42
I want to replace the crappy Houge stock on my 700 SPS I got but Im not sure if its a ADL or BDL rifle. From my only research ADL rifles didnt have a hinged floor plate yet my SPS does so does that make it a BDL or some kind of frankinstein-ish ADL/BDL combo
B&C makes a stock in my frugal price range but they werent sure if my rifle was ADL or BDL and I dont want to buy the wrong stock
Im sure one of you all know
sorry Im new to this bolt action thing

07-07-08, 19:34
The stock I just got from Bell and Carlson to replace my SPS stock was for a BDL

07-07-08, 20:23
if memeroy serves, BDL has better finish,nicer wood stock,and a hinged floor plate. ADL is plain jane with no hinged floor plate.:D

07-07-08, 20:44
Thanks guys
your definately more helpfull than Remingtons website was

07-17-08, 19:52
My competition rifle started as a Remington 700 SPS Varmint .308. Back when I bought it, I was looking for something that I could similarly turn into the rifle I had in the Army (M24), and I didn't want to spend the money on a 700P (the most widely used sniper rifle in the U.S.), because a lot of that money is for the HS Precision stock that comes on it, which I don't like the contour of. Luckily, I found out that the 700 SPS Varmint and Tactical use the exact same barreled action as the 700P, PSS, and variants. So, I bought mine and installed this stock: Bell & Carlson A5 Tactical w/ adjustable cheekpiece and full length aluminum bedding block. Check it out here, I got one in O.D. green w/ black spiderweb.
It's on sale right now, I had to pay a bit more for mine. My rifle, out of the box was shooting .68 MOA with factory stock, and then went to .47 MOA just by installing it in this stock (168gr. GMM) - the SPS Varmint stock is a LOT worse than the Hogue Overmolded on the Tactical stock... neither stock utilizes a free floating barrel channel, but at least the Hogue is pillar bedded!
Now, my rifle has that stock, a Timney trigger, a 7 shot magazine extension, and a Nikon Monarch 4-16x42 SF Mil-dot scope, and shoots an average (5 shots) of .41" on my handloads (168 SMK, 44.5 gr. RL15, CCI BR2, Lapua cases, 2.818" COL).
Oh yeah, the SPS Varmint and Tactical are both BDL rifles. ADL rifles do not have a magazine floorplate, which is called a "blind" magazine. There are 2 types of BDLs - regular BDLs which use a hinged floorplate, and BDL DM's which use detachable box magazines. Any time you are going to buy another stock or any other accessory, just make sure it's for a regular BDL style rifle. If you buy a stock thats for an ADL rifle, you probably won't be able to use it - as Remington BDLs use a one-piece trigger guard assembly - which also goes around the base of the magazine.. if it does work, you're trigger will be sticking out of the stock with no guard around it lol. For stocks, just stay away from those Choate "Ultimate" sniper and varmint stocks.... they have the right idea, by having a full length bedding block - but they're heavy as lead and the bipod mount is flimsy. Hope any of this info helps! -D

08-03-08, 00:36
SPS and SPS Tactical rifles use a BDL replacement stock due to having a hinged floor plate. You could put an ADL style stock on if you wanted to do away with the hinged floor plate and change trigger guards. (I don't know why anyone would do this) As far as the SPS Tactical stocks go they really aren't that bad I can get .418 inch groups and some have been better at 100 yds. with FGGM. BTW, I don't know about yours but my Houge stock does have a free floated barrel. There are sometimes other factors which come into play such as stock screw torque, chamber tolerances, etc... You can start spending money in stocks, better mounts, rings, glass. The list goes on and on, but start with the basics.