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04-14-15, 10:28
Hi Folks,
Did anybody have any experience with Mobius Training Solutions (http://www.mobiustrainingsolutions.com/) or their instructor Clent Schoonover in the past?
Thanks in advance.

04-17-15, 13:04
Looks like a FLETC instructor who retired and got into the open enrollment game. FLETC Instructors are a mixed bag. Some are great, some not so much.

05-08-15, 21:07
Here is what I got from MTS, hope it'll benefit everybody.

This was an outstanding course that built the confidence we needed to utilize this skill in Afghanistan. Not only in the course itself, because the instruction gave us the tools we needed to further develop this skill. Learning night tracking was a great exercise and the only way we can safely track in Afghanistan.
Course content was excellent. Primary and Assistant Instructors were obviously subject matter experts and had extensive depth of knowledge. Both of the instructors were extremely approachable and the laid back informal approach made for a great learning environment. Hopefully at some point in the future we can attend a level 2. Outstanding F*$king Training. Overall, course exceeded my expectations. As an operational Sniper / SKT, the night tracking / IR-NV stuff was invaluable. Great Job! We appreciate the hell out of ya.
 Very Good Course, well set up, very professional, and a very good learning experience overall. Course is top notch with both instructors.
 Training was excellent, well passed. We were given great training before hand to be prepared for the field portion. Training was not setup as a fail to learn the correct way. A good steady learning pace. Trainers were well prepared. Awesome Class.
 TCT Level 1 was a fun and to the point, no extra crap made for a fast learning curve and allowed us to focus on real, need to know training. Keep up the good work.
 I think that this course was very well administered. In the classroom environment all the information was put out. In the field having an experienced tracker instructor as well as an excellent assistant to let us pursue him. I recommend to future soldiers for the US Military no matter what job you have.
 I learned more in five days at training with Clent, than in three months of mobilization training through the military.
 Clent provided some of the most in depth, practical, and real world training that I’ve received in my entire military career.
 Clent and his staff are an encyclopedia of tactical maneuvers. But beyond that, beyond the techniques, they taught us the mindset on how to be the most effective tracker.
 Clent and Jessie were professional and proficient and used every possible moment as a training tool. They crammed more training into 5 days than most courses do in a month!