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06-11-15, 22:00

06-11-15, 22:33

Some of the REQUIREMENTS expected of our AIs:

– Represent the qualities of a responsible citizen
– Hold a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (Other states also recognized)
– Adhere to dress and appearance standards
– Be able to work 8-12 hours outside in possible inclement weather
– Be able to put up with Keith
– Have a sense of humor
– Have a huge sense of humor
– Seriously…a HUGE sense of humor
– Have a reliable vehicle and yes…a drivers license
– Know, understand, apply and LIVE the 4 Life Safety Rules of Firearms Handling
– Have a basic understanding of common handgun, rifle, and shotgun operating systems
– Be calm and collected under stress
– Not able to be “Rick Rolled” more than three times per day

I am interested, but can only work every third day in odd-numbered years. I prefer to be paid primarily in bitcoin, with annual inflation adjustments in wampum and beef jerky. I should mention that my BO can be iffy at times but I carry a cosmoline impregnated amulet that can be held between students and I when needed. I also request a reasonable accommodation for my vertigo in the form of range-red Z-coil shoes and a Q-tip allowance. Thank you for your time, and may the force be with you.

06-11-15, 22:35
Deff a strong contender....