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06-15-15, 00:14

Is this okay to post?
If so, requesting permission to do so....or just delete if this comes off as an advertisement...I'm not an instructor nor gain any monetary compensation from them

I've attended two of the United States Rifleman's Association and I found them very helpful and a nice introduction to tactical carbine at a very decent price. If you just bought a rifle and want to learn to become a more responsible rifleman, I highly recommend them.
All volunteers staff of United States Rifleman's Association

from their website:

The United States Rifleman’s Association, pledges itself through it’s membership; to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States; To promote the principles of true Americanism for the common welfare of our Nations Heritage via the reverence of the Nations Founders, the sacrifices made and the heroism portrayed while safeguarding Liberty and Freedom throughout our Nations History; To educate the people in the safe, lawful and accurate use of firearms; And to develop among its members, the Rifleman’s Mindset, whose qualities of leadership, loyalty, cooperation, mindfulness, and good sportsmanship are essential to good citizenship.

very relaxed environment and very helpful staff
they will teach couples, fathers and sons, groups...etc.
was able to bring a co-worker last class and he found it also helpful, specially during maintenance and cleaning.

Highly suggest to bring a GPS and full tank of gas also


Weather appropriate clothing. No open toed shoes.
Your AR-15/Carbine style rifles
Tactical rifle sling
Magazine carrier (LBV or Chest Rig)
6 magazines
250 rounds of ammunition or more
Eye and hearing protection
A collapsible chair
Stapler and staples for hanging targets
Lunch, snacks, and WATER

$100 9am-5pm

more info from their website (http://www.usrifleman.org/?event=introduction-to-tactical-carbine-chillicothe-il-08152015)